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Acid erosion in kids


article by Raha Sepehrara

Both Kal and I have recently noticed that a lot of teenagers are suffering from acid erosion. I just had a young patient from Nottingham who drinks over 1 litre of Cola a day and his teeth were showing the signs of acid erosion.

Fizzy drinks, fruit and juices are all very acidic and most people do not realise the harm that these do on our teeth.

Acid causes teeth to erode, making them look more translucent, eventually making them thinner and smaller over the years. Not only do the teeth change in appearance but they become very sensitive too.

It is very important to limit the amount of fizzy drinks our children have. Parents also have to keep an eye on their children's intake of fruit juices and fruits, like orange, lemon, apples.

I have known of a lady in Leicester who sucks on lemons daily and has come to us complaining about sensitivity and about the appearance of her teeth.

So please be careful with acidic foods and drinks! Check our website for more info.


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