6 Reasons to Love Immediate Implants

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

Dental implants are considered the gold standard for replacing missing or severely damaged teeth. Titanium posts are used to replace the root of a tooth, and a life-like crown is crafted to complete the restoration. 

Traditional dental implants involve a gradual recovery process, and replacing your tooth will involve multiple stages. Immediate implants dramatically reduce the length of the treatment so that you can enjoy your new smile sooner. 

All dental treatments have their own specific benefits. Before booking your immediate implant procedure, it’s good to understand how the treatment works and its advantages. 

Today, we’ll discuss six of the main reasons to love immediate implants. 

1. Immediate Implants Are Fast

As the name suggests, immediate implants are quick. Normally, you must wait several months between stages of your dental implant procedure. This is because the bone and implant need to fuse together through a process called osseointegration. 

Immediate implants are much quicker. In fact, after the implants are in place, we can position temporary teeth that allow you to smile and eat right away. 

2. Recovery Is Shorter 

Although there is still a recovery period associated with immediate implants, the recovery time is shorter than with traditional implants. 

When you have traditional implants, you need to heal after every stage, and the jaw bone can take several months to fuse with the titanium. The recovery time is reduced because you won’t have multiple treatment stages. 

3. Immediate Implants Prevent Bone Loss

Once you lose teeth, the area of the jaw bone that previously supported them will start to deteriorate. This is a natural process called resorption. When the jaw breaks down, it can alter your facial structure, leaving you with an aged appearance. The only way to reverse this deterioration would be to have a bone graft. 

The best time to place immediate implants is straight after you’ve lost teeth. By placing them earlier, we’ll ensure you have adequate bone mass to support the implants. Not only that, but the presence of the implant stimulates the bone, preventing loss. 

4. You’ll Love Your New Smile

After your immediate implants are in position, we’ll place a temporary restoration to complete your smile. Although your new teeth are only a stopgap, they’ll look great and function well.

We’ll check your implants and fit your final bespoke-crafted smile at a later date. Your new teeth will be made-to-measure using colour-matched materials that look just like the real thing. 

5. Nothing Is Off the Menu

When you lose teeth, your diet becomes limited. Even when you replace your teeth using bridges or dentures, you may still worry about eating certain foods in case they are difficult to chew or get stuck. You won’t have to worry about any of this with immediate implants. 

Although you will need to stick to soft food for a while, after the initial healing process, you can eat whatever you like. 

6. Immediate Implants Restore Lost Confidence

Losing teeth affects your appearance. This can leave you feeling self-conscious whenever you smile, talk, or laugh. Not only that, but the absence of your teeth can affect the way that your mouth forms words, changing the way you speak. 

Because the replacement teeth created by the lab look so natural, it’s easy to start feeling good about yourself again. The solid support provided by immediate implants means you won’t have to worry about how you look when you speak and smile. 

Immediate Implants at Dental Suite

Immediate implants can rebuild your smile in just one day, restoring your self-esteem, and improving your ability to bite, chew, speak, laugh, and smile. Call us today to schedule an appointment and find out more about this life-changing treatment. 



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