6 Facts About Root Canal Treatments

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

Mention the words “root canal treatment”, and you’ll often get uncomfortable looks. The mere idea of this procedure can make people uneasy and anxious. But the simple fact is that; it’s not all that bad. 

Root canal treatments are among the most misunderstood dental procedures. The myths and exaggerations surrounding the treatment largely come from a lack of understanding.

We use root canal procedures to treat painful infections at the core of your teeth. Unhelpful information about this treatment could put you off, worsening your infection. 

To help you learn more about why and how we perform root canal treatments, we’ve compiled a selection of essential facts you need to know.

1. Root Canal Infections Are Painful

Many people claim that a root canal treatment is painful. But it’s not the procedure that’s painful; it’s the infection it treats. 

When bacteria enter the living “pulp chamber” at the heart of your teeth, they cause infection and inflammation. Because there are nerve endings in the pulp chamber, when inflammation occurs, it can cause excruciating pain. 

A root canal treatment removes the bacteria and any infected matter, stopping inflammation and pain immediately. Once you’ve had the procedure, your discomfort will instantly subside. 

2. A Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Tooth

Ignore dental infections, and they won’t go away. Once a tooth is infected, it will only worsen. An untreated dental infection will cause abscesses and the loss of your tooth. 

Losing a tooth is never easy. It can affect your appearance and ability to bite, chew, and speak. 

If we get to your tooth early enough, we can save it. Preserving your tooth will reduce the risk of later health issues. Gaps in your smile are difficult to clean, making it easier for bacteria to take up residence. The outcomes of this include tooth decay, gum disease, and an increased risk of further infections. 

3. Root Canal Infections Spread

Once a root canal infection has destroyed one tooth, it will move on to others. But dental infections don’t just harm your teeth. The same infection can damage your gums and jaws. 

If a dental infection progresses far enough to enter the bloodstream, it can move out of your mouth to the rest of your body, spreading to essential organs like your heart. At this point, your infection becomes life-threatening.

4. We Use the Latest Technology and Techniques

During a root canal treatment, we use techniques that have been refined to ensure the best outcomes and improve your experience. We strive to remove the infection quickly and painlessly, providing anaesthetic before the treatment begins. 

Not only this, but we’re Dental Phobia Certified. This means we’re compassionate and understanding about fears and anxieties. We’ll ensure you’re relaxed and ready for your treatment. In addition, sedation is also an option to help you manage uncomfortable feelings. 

5. Root Canal Treatments Are Routine and Simple

During your root canal treatment, we’ll remove the infection from inside your tooth and sterilise it. Following this, we’ll use a natural material called gutta percha to fill the inside of your tooth before closing any exterior holes. 

We may suggest returning at a later date to have a crown placed. Dental crowns create a strong, protective coating for your tooth, helping prevent further damage, decay, and infection. 

6. Recovery From Root Canal Treatment Is Brief

In most cases, you’ll experience no pain or discomfort following your treatment. It’s normal to have some tenderness or sensitivity in the area for a short period of time following treatment; however, this quickly subsides on its own. 

Occasionally, we may need to prescribe antibiotics to help clear the last of your infection away,

Root Canal Treatments at The Dental Suite

At The Dental Suite, we take your comfort and experience seriously. Root canal treatments are routine, safe, and effective. We’ll ensure you understand what’s going on throughout your root canal treatment, and we can take the procedure at your pace. 

Call today to schedule your appointment. 




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