6 Amazing Ways To Overcome Your Fears

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

People are afraid of many things from snakes and spiders to flying and dentists. Even when we know we are irrational, it does not stop the fear. You can be guided in a simulated flight, or handle creepy-crawlies to cure you of your phobia and when it comes to being frightened of the dentist, you can visit The Dental Suite for all the help you need. You might be able to go your whole life without confronting your fears but when it comes to teeth, you snooze and, for once, you win.

1# Overcoming White Coat Syndrome

Many patients we see have a deep-rooted fear of the dentist. Perhaps a childhood experience of the school dentist in his white coat left you traumatised even if you didn’t actually receive any painful treatment. As a result, you have refused to visit the dentist and now your teeth are showing signs of neglect which might not only look unsightly but be painful.

Our dentists are trained in sedation dentistry and they are all friendly and reassuring. They take dental phobia very seriously and will not rush you into any treatment without careful planning and advice on all the methods available to give you a pain-free experience.

Our clinics are all peaceful, relaxing places, designed to give you a stress-free experience; a million miles from the white tiled surgeries of yesteryear. With a dentist you know you can trust by your side, you will receive the excellent care you need.

2# No More Injections

If it is not the white-coated dentist you are afraid of, it might be the thought of the syringe and needle you once experienced which put you off even making an appointment. Fear not. Modern technology has given you a great alternative with the Wand: a computerised needle-free alternative to injections.

3# Conquer Fear Of The Drill

You may have a lifelong fear of the drill. Although it may still be necessary to remove decay from teeth to protect your mouth from yet more damage and infection and save you from losing your teeth, we can offer you the totally relaxing experience with IV sedation to prevent you from feeling anything during any aspect of treatment. All you have to do is snooze.

4# Neglect And Restoration

Perhaps you have neglected your teeth for a long time and they are now discoloured, decayed or you are missing a few. You might be embarrassed and intimidated by the idea of the dentist’s opinion and diagnosis, and even put off making an appointment. Fear not; we are only too happy to help and give you a healthy, confident smile by treating the problem and filling the gaps with natural looking new teeth.

5# The Turning Point

Seldom do we sense ourselves at a turning point. Modern dentists and dentistry have made so many new discoveries to help you to overcome your fears and stay in control, you can now say goodbye to your anxieties forever.

From your first appointment, you will look back and think, that’s when things began to change, and soon you will never fear the dentist again.

6# Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a simple, yet very effective, procedure given to patients during any dental surgery that is potentially lengthy or painful. It is administered either orally or intravenously and puts the patient in a very relaxed state so you feel no stress or anxiety whatsoever.

The Wand computerised sedation device gently pushes anaesthetic in the area around a tooth which needs dental treatment. It looks completely different to an regular syringe; it looks and is held like a pen, which makes it not as threatening. Local anaesthetic is slowly and gently delivered. When our patients have dental are sedated by the Wand, they don’t even realise they have recieved local anaesthetic. It is amazing.

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