3 Ways to Pain-Free Tooth Repair: Repairing Teeth

Article by Dr Raha Sepehrara

Breaking a tooth can be a traumatic experience but, if you are dental phobic, scared of the dentist, it can be even more distressing.  A tooth can break for one of many reasons; due to decay, weakening the structure of the tooth from the inside.  Due to trauma; a fall or a sporting accident.  Due to a failed filling or to an inherent weakness in the structure of the tooth before it erupts as a teenager.  However unsightly the damage looks if you are anxious about treatment, a visit to the dentist is the last thing you want.  Don’t delay.  The resulting toothache will be a far more of an ordeal than a visit to The Dental Suite who can not only mend your broken tooth painlessly but take care of your fears at the same time.

Will repairing my tooth be painful?

No; the simple answer is you will not feel any pain. Following a bad experience, possibly as a child, many people, even those who have a high pain threshold, are afraid of the dentist. The intimidating dental equipment and the sound of the drill may well have initially contributed to your fear, leaving you without a life-long horror of the dentists. Our clinics are relaxed, and our staff are friendly.  They are all fully aware of the trauma treatment can cause.  Trained in sedation dentistry, our dentists will not let you suffer any anxiety or pain even for the most seemingly uncomplicated of procedures.

3 Ways to Pain-Free Tooth Repair

1# We can offer you an anaesthetic delivered in a conventional way, using a syringe.

2#  The ‘Wand’ is a computerised method of delivering an anaesthetic painlessly, without the use of needles.  Although we use a topical anaesthetic before the injection, many of our patients are more scared of the needle than any other part of their treatment, as they know how well the anaesthetic works.  

3# If an anaesthetic is not enough to reassure you, we can offer you IV sedation which will fully relax you to the point that, although you are still conscious, you will not remember a thing.

If this will help you to get your broken tooth repaired, make an appointment with The Dental Suite in to discuss your needs.  With modern dentistry, we have many ways to help.

Does my tooth have to be drilled on? Will it hurt?

To repair a tooth we may or may not need to use a drill to clean the tooth so it is free of decay and any old filling left behind. Depending on how deep we need to clean influences whether or not you need an anaesthetic.

If the work which needs to be done on your tooth is minimal and not close to your nerve then, in many instances, we can repair the tooth with you even requiring a local anaesthetic. However, if the filling is deep, we would advise you have local anaesthetic so you are numb and will not feel any pain during the procedure. It can be much more painful having a large filling done without an anaesthetic than the very small amount of discomfort from having an anaesthetic. And, the ‘Wand’ will ensure even this is pain-free

Sometimes the drill doesn’t even need to be used at all.  For example, a very small fracture may only need some white filling applied onto it which can be done by preparing the tooth with a bonding agent so a filling can be set on top of it.

But, as for many of our patients, the very idea of the drill is enough to keep them away from the dentist, we have many methods to reassure you.  We can offer relaxation therapy to free you of your fears before we begin treatment. We can give you an anaesthetic at the outset, to be certain you will not feel a thing, or we can offer sedation so you can be reassured your treatment will not hurt at all.

Once the damage is clean and free of debris from an old filling, the rest of the treatment, applying a new filling, is entirely pain-free.

If one of our predecessors, more concerned with the treatment than the patient, once promised you, “this won’t hurt,” and then inflicted pain, you may always be concerned you are being lulled into a false sense of security.  It is our aim not only to give you the best treatment but, in time, reassure you dental treatment really can be pain-free and free you of your phobia.

Is fear getting in the way of you needed tooth repair? Post a comment below if you have any questions or need a reassuring word.



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