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Smilelign Leicester & Loughborough

Smilelign Treatment Clinic Leicester

'Smile and the whole world smiles with you'

We all know that having a great smile can boost confidence and enhance prospects socially as well as professionally. These two areas are often conducive to overall wellbeing and happiness, so we believe that it makes sense to cultivate a smile you can be proud of.

Professional Smilelign Treatment Clinic in Leicester & Loughborough

With Smilelign, you can be assured of ending up with a brilliant, straight smile without the need for unsightly train track braces. Orthodontist visits are cut down to a minimum and practically no one will notice that you are undergoing treatment because the appliance is essentially invisible.

Advanced Smilelign Technology

inman aligner Leicester Nottingham

Smilelign is an advanced planning system for orthodontic treatment. It allows dental technicians to efficiently and thoroughly plan all aspects of your brace and treatment plan with 3D CADCAM technology and fantastic software. Once your tailored plan is set out and you are happy, we can then make use of the Smilelign laboratory to craft your virtually invisible orthodontic aligner.

The Treatment Process

inman aligner Leicester Nottingham

As with all orthodontic systems, Smielign requires you to have a consultation and assessment of your mouth. During this we will take the necessary moulds of your teeth. From here the moulds are converted into 3D images of your teeth on the screens of our sophisticated computers so that we can see precisely what we need to move in order to straighten your smile.

Our laboratory technicians will create your set of personalised aligners. These are each worn in stages and they each move your teeth in minute but significant stages. A realistic average of treatment time is between six and twelve months, this may differ dependent upon the needs of your mouth.