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Six Month Smiles Teeth Straightening Treatment Leicester & Loughborough

An alternative to traditional comprehensive braces, Six Month Smiles braces are made of clear brackets and white wires and focussing on straightening just your front teeth that are visible when you smile. Six Month Smiles and 6 Month Braces are orthodontic systems which will straighten your teeth, on average, in just six months.

Some cases can take longer and this depends on the individual.

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There is a lot of confusion in the teeth straightening industry regarding the names of the different braces systems. The Six Month Braces system is a teeth straightening methodology that focusses on straightening the teeth that show when you smile and not the back teeth. This is what makes the treatment quicker than traditional orthodontics.


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There are several branded teeth straightening systems that work on this basis with tooth coloured wires and brackets. To clear up the confusion the names of these systems are as follows and we have access to them all if required:

  • Six Month Ortho
  • C-Fast Braces
  • Quick Straight Teeth
  • Clear Smile Brace

If you are considering orthodontic treatment with traditional braces and brackets or even considering treatment with the Invisalign invisible braces system then it may be worth your while booking a consultation with our one of our dentists to see if this treatment is suitable for you.

Is the 6 Month Smiles treatment expensive?

The Six Month Braces system is not only faster but considerably cheaper than traditional orthodontic treatment or treatment with Invisalign braces since it’s quicker and requires fewer appointments.

I have heard of 6 Month orthodontics and also 6 Month braces are these the same as Six Month Smiles?

6 Month Smiles is the name given to the system developed by Dr Ryan Swain, however, dentists use a wide variety of terminology to refer to this type of treatment which all mean the same thing. Some of the most popular phrases used to describe 6 Month Smiles are:

  • 6 Month Orthodontics
  • Six Month Orthodontics
  • 6 Month Braces
  • Six Month Braces
  • Short Term Orthodontics
  • 6 Month Ortho
  • Six Month Ortho

Don’t be confused by the terminology, the meaning is the same – a new smile within 6 months using the latest techniques in orthodontics and teeth straightening.

Teeth Straightening in Leicester and Loughborough

If you are looking for a brighter smile and are situated in the Midlands, you will find that our Loughborough and Leicester clinics are in easy to reach and convenient locations.