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Teeth in a Day Treatment in Leicester & Loughborough

At The Dental Suite we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest innovations in dentistry, ensuring that our patients receive the most advanced treatments to improve their overall quality of life. The addition of Teeth in a Day to our treatment list is one which means patients can receive new teeth in a single day without the annoyance of having to wait around.

Case studies

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How do traditional implants work?

Traditional Dental implants provide patients with a functional substitute for missing teeth. Titanium implants are placed into pre-drilled pockets in the jawbone and will then be left to fuse for a stable fit. The implant will act as an anchor for a replacement tooth restoration and function and look just like normal teeth. However, this method normally requires a healing time of several months.

"I'm smiling all the time"
"I can speak & eat with confidence"

What is Teeth in a Day?

Thanks to advancements in dentistry teeth can now be replaced in a single day by Teeth in a Day. The treatment acts as a solution for patients in need of stable, functional teeth when a tooth is missing. During the treatment process, teeth will first be removed and implant holes then drilled in the jaw bone. Following this, the implants will be placed and the dentures secured in place. This safe and effective procedure is complete in around eight hours and provides an instantly rejuvenated smile for patients.

Photo of teeth before

X-ray of teeth before

3D - digital CT planning

Photo of teeth after

X-ray showing implants in place

Happy patient after treatment

What are the advantages of Teeth in a Day?

Patients do not need to wait for long periods of time for treatment results to become apparent. Dentures are attached on the same day as the implants, reducing any need for months of waiting or additional appointments. There is also no need to wear temporary restorations. Teeth in a Day allow proper function for excellent nutrition and communication.

The newly installed Teeth in a Day implants do not require any special cleaning and will work to reduce bone loss. Also, the risk of dental health problems is greatly reduced by replacing missing teeth and there will be a significant boost to facial aesthetics.

Photo of teeth before treatment

After same day teeth treatment

Is Teeth in a Day for everyone?

Most patients are ideal candidates but treatment is not suitable for everyone. Treatment may not be suitable for people who consume an excessive amount of alcohol, smoke, suffer from oral health issues or have a weakened immune system. Our team of dentists will be happy to assess your dental condition and provide sound judgement.

Teeth in a Day in Leicester and Loughborough

Whether you are a local of  Loughborough and Leicester or travelling to the Midlands we welcome your visit to The Dental Suite. We are easily accessible to patients in these areas, including nearby Derby. For more information please get in touch with our team today.

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9 hours ago

The Dental Suite

Let’s talk Root Canal treatment 🆘 Here one of our Dentists Vikesh answers the most commonly asked questions 📹 .......
1️⃣ “is Root canal treatment painful?” There should be very little/no pain during the RCT process. We always aim to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible, so much so we have had numerous patients fall asleep during the appointment.
2️⃣ “How many appointments does it take?” At least one appointment is required (approximately 90 minutes) sometimes multiple appointments are required depending on the complexity of the case and the condition of the tooth beforehand.
Many people worry about having Root canal treatment but when done successfully it can prolong the life of the tooth for many years.
If you wish to book in or find out more please DM us with your name and number and we will call you back! ⌨️📞😀 #dentist #Dentalsuite #Nottingham #Loughborough #Leicester #Rootcanaltreatment #painfree

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19 hours ago

The Dental Suite

Replacing a single front tooth is one of the most challenging forms of dental treatment. This is a case which shows careful planning and treatment by Dr Kalpesh Bohara as well as excellent skills by our dental technician. #crown #implant #dentalimplant #missingteeth #implantdentistry #dentist #leicester #nottingham #loughborough ...

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The Dental Suite

Crowding case treated with Damon braces by dr Raha Sepehrara @straightteeth_by_anna_and_raha #happypatient #beautifulsmile #teethstraightening #straightteeth #dentist #leicester #loughborough #nottingham #crowdedteeth #damonbraces #damon #ormco #ormcoeurope ...

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2 days ago

The Dental Suite

Have you ever heard about “the Wand”, a computerised device which allows the dentist to numb up the tooth without a syringe. Our patients love it as it’s painfree! #dentist #nopain #painfreedentistry #thewand #syringe #leicester #loughborough #nottingham ...

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4 days ago

The Dental Suite

🚨 Smile Competition Finalists

📣 The long-awaited big announcement, the independent judges have been working through the shortlist of competition entries, and our task was to get it down to 5 finalists, but we couldn’t do it and so have broken our own rules and selected 8 finalists for our "win a smile" competition.

Those finalists are 👉
Camilla Pinto
Gemma Carrs
Hannah Broom
Lynne Drewery
Siobhan Hunter
Courtney Kidney
Wayne Groocock
Natalie Leaper

🕺🏽 Well done to get so far.

🙏 Thank you, everyone, for entering our smile competition.

👀 Watch this space for the announcement of the selection day where all finalists will attend to tell their story and why they should win the smile of their dreams.

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Have you ever heard about “the Wand”, a computerised device which allows the dentist to numb up the tooth without a syringe. Our patients love it as it’s painfree! #dentist #nopain #painfreedentistry #thewand #syringe #leicester #loughborough #nottingham

The Dental Suite have compiled a list of the ten things you can do for yourself which will result in less invasive treatment or no treatment required.

#healthysmile #dentalsuite #leicester #loughborough #nottingham https://t.co/kKaIi3Ti4e

Enlighten whitening by Dr Sanita Krievane —> from shade A3 to shade B1 @enlightensmiles #teethwhitening #whiteteeth #leicester #loughborough #nottingham #dentist… https://t.co/05GF0GknQc

Teamwork makes the dream work! Teeth straightening by Anna straightteeth_by_anna_and_raha and composite bonding by Neel neelychudasama #teamwork #dreamsmile #teethwhitening… https://t.co/hmzKihxiZw

Beautiful non-invasive smile transformation achieved with whitening and composite binding by Dr Kiren Johal #leicester #nottingham #loughborough #dentalsuite #teethwhitening #bonding… https://t.co/hqDhBy1Cim

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