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  • Do you have denture problems?
  • Are you afraid to smile?
  • Do you want dentures that fit securely
  • Do you want dentures that are comfortable and look natural?

You are not asking too much! We are the experts in creating all types of natural looking dentures that once expertly fitted, will restore your smile and transform your appearance.

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At the Dental Suite, we take a special customised approach to making your dentures utilising a unique process. We are proud to offer Changing Faces® dentures that are:

  • Comfortable & fit
  • Enhance your face and make you look youthful
  • Enhance your smile using the highest quality teeth available
  • Enhance your confidence
  • Improve your chewing efficiency
  • Improve your comfort

A masculine form can be described as cuboidal and muscular, with a vigorous physical appearance. A basic tooth form, which expresses masculine characteristics, should be used to reflect these attributes. Denture teeth possess strong characteristics and are positioned boldly to provide a more masculine appearance.

Femininity is expressed by roundness, smoothness and softness that is typical of a women. Therefore, a selection of tooth shapes which have the soft lines and expression of the feminine form should be used. Denture teeth are delicately positioned to enhance femininity and blend perfectly with facial features.

"Ecstatic with my dentures"
"My dentures are top of the shop"

Diane Age 63 with Changing Faces® Dentures

“My new dentures were perfect from day one”

Michael Age 69 with Changing Faces® Dentures

“I’ve not looked this good in years”

Changing Faces® dentures reverse the ageing effect of tooth loss

The most common complaint from denture wearers is the “false teeth look” causing them to be self-conscious about their smile. Nobody wants their dentures to look like “false teeth”. Our dentures are uniquely handcrafted to compliment your age, sex, personality, and appearance. We achieve this by:

  • Using the highest quality teeth available today
  • Customising the teeth and arrangement of teeth
  • Using advanced clinical techniques to improve the fit
  • Using the highest quality materials to achieve a NATURAL look.
  • Spending time with the patient to develop “DROP DEAD GORGEOUS DENTURES”

Missing teeth can be replaced by dentures, which are plates with artificial teeth. Most patients complain that their dentures are loose and that the teeth do not look natural. The best way to tackle the problem of loose dentures is to have dentures retained by implants. We also use a highly skilled technician who uses the best materials on the market in order to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing and natural looking denture. If needed, the lab technician and myself will carry out a joint consultation. I believe that the secret to a great denture is excellent team-work between the dentist and the lab technician, which is why I use the best lab technician. We are also aware that some people may not be able to have implants for various reasons. For these patients we can still achieve great results by providing high quality dentures.

Dentures in Leicester, Loughborough & Nottingham

If you are looking for Dentures and are situated in the Midlands, you will find that our Leicester, Loughborough and Nottingham clinics are in easy to reach and convenient locations.