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Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Leicester & Loughborough

The aim of cosmetic dentistry is to achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile. I am aware that a beautiful smile can change a person's life and give them more confidence. I see this every day at the Dental Suite.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Nottingham and Leicester

If you are looking for Cosmetic Dentistry and are situated in the Midlands, you will find that our Loughborough and Leicester clinics are in easy to reach and convenient locations. Many of our patients visit our Loughborough branch due to it being a mere 20 minutes from Nottingham and a short distance from Derby.

Missing teeth can be replaced by bridges or implants.

Severely discoloured or chipped teeth can be covered by veneers or crowns.

Unsightly silver fillings can be
replaced with tooth coloured fillings.

Discoloured teeth can be whitened.