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Gum Grafting for Receding Gums in Leicester & Loughborough

Receding Gums? Act Now and Restore Your Smile.
Gingival recession, or receding gums, can be every bit unpleasant as it sounds. Sufferers can experience a loss of confidence in their smile, as well as a host of painful symptoms caused by exposure of the tooth’s sensitive nerve.

If you suffer from receding gums, here’s something you can finally smile about. The condition can be reversed by a quick and relatively painless periodontal procedure.

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What is a Gum Graft?

Several different types of gum graft are available, and each uses a similar technique to restore receding gums. The procedure involves taking tissue from the roof of your mouth – or a donor’s – and suturing it to the site around the affected gum.

The graft covers exposed roots to reduce the painful symptoms of sensitive teeth caused by gingivitis.

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Are you considering a graft to restore receding gums? You’ll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

How can I prepare for the graft?

Generally, you don’t need to prepare for a gum graft operation. However, you may be woozy after the anaesthetic, so it’s a good idea to arrange to take a friend or family member along with you.

How long does the procedure take?

Most gum grafts can be carried out in a little under two hours. You’ll also need to attend a follow-up appointment when your dentist can check on your recovery and remove the sutures. The good news is, you can go straight home after the graft.

Is it painful?

Most patients say that recovery is more painful than the procedure itself. You’ll be given a local anaesthetic beforehand, which means you likely won’t feel a thing during the graft. Recovery can be uncomfortable, and some patients experience swelling or bleeding afterwards. Your dentist can give you medication to help manage any pain.

Can I eat as usual after the gum graft procedure?

You’ll need to stick to liquids for a few days after the graft, then graduate to soft foods as your mouth begins to heal. Treat yourself to fish and chips as soon as you’re fully recovered!

How long does it take to recover?

Recovery time is usually between 1-2 weeks.

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