Looking after your gums

Your gums are the foundation of our teeth, gums, together with the periodontal ligament and the surrounding bone are what hold your teeth in.

When the oral hygiene is not to a good standard, plaque – which is made of bacteria and debris- accumalates around the teeth.

If this plaque is not removed, gums will start bleeding, swelling up will appear red. This is called gingivitis. This is a form of gum disease and it is reversible. Once oral hygiene improves, gums will tend to go back to health.

If the plaque is not removed over a long time, the damage to the gum and surrounding bone becomes permanent. Both gums and bone will start receding and eventually teeth may become loose. This is called periodontitis. Unfortunately, gums and bone cannot be put back, but the disease can be arrested by improving oral hygiene so that teeth do not become more loose.

Therefore it is essential to have an impeccable oral hygiene to reduce the risk of tooth loss. Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day and you use floss and mouthwash everyday. It is also very important to visit the dentist and hygienist regularly. Our patients all understand the importance of healthy gums, no matter how far the journey to the practice is, whether from Nottingham or London, they will always attend for their hygiene appointment.



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