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sensitive teeth

Many people suffer from sensitive teeth.

The causes for sensitive teeth can be:

– gum recession

– enamel wear


Gum recession can occur as a result of gum disease, or when brushing too hard.

Enamel wear can be caused by dietary factors, such as too many acidic foods, fizzy drink, health problems like acif reflux or bulimia or by brushing too hard.


Enamel wear and gum recession  will then expose the part of the tooth (dentine) that is very sensitive to cold temperatures.


The best way to prevent gum recession and enamel wear are:

– brush gently

– look after your gums

-use an electric toothbrush

– see the hygienist regularly

– watch your diet

– solve any health problems


Tooth sensivitity can be reduced by using sensodyne toothpaste and fluoriguard mouthwash. In some cases a white filling may be necessary to seal the dentine and to protect the nerve.


Flossing involves the use of a thin thread (floss) to clean between teeth. There are various types of floss on the market, from simple floss, to dental tape, to chlorexidine coated dental tape.

Flossing is very important as this action helps remove bacteria and food between teeth, that would not otherwise be removed by toothbrushing or mouthwash. I always tell my patients that brushing will clean the front, the back and the biting surface of teeth, but not in between them. Furthermore mouthwash would not be able to penetrate between teeth if there was food debris. Therefore, flossing is absolutely essential and should be part of everyone’s daily oral hygiene routine.

Therefore, flossing should be done daily and it has to be done correctly in order to be effective.

For more information on the correct technique for  flossing, come and see Rebecca for oral hygiene instructions.

Teeth damaged by fizzy drinks and smoking

A recent tv programme on channel 4 highlighted the damage that fizzy drinks and smoking can do to teeth and gums.


Not many people are aware that fizzy drinks, even diet ones, can seriously damage their teeth. A 500 ml bottle of coke has 50 spoonfuls of sugar!!! It is not just the sugar that damages the teeth, but also the acid present in the drinks. We are seeing more and more teenarges with worn teeth and this tooth wear is due to the amount of fizzy drinks they have.


It has been shown that smoking worsens gum health. There are so many harmful chemicals in cigarettes that can cause so much damage to our general health. The more specific damage to the teeth and gums are:

– staining

– gum disease

– impaired gum healing

– mouth cancer

For more advise on a healthy diet and on stopping smoking, come and see us and our wonderful hygienist, Rebecca.

Happy Easter from the Dental Suite in Loughborough


This Easter, at The Dental Suite in Loughborough, Kal and I thought of a new way of promoting good oral health. We have been giving out Easter eggs containing toothbrush and toothpaste. We wanted to promote the message that a chocolate treat is allowed if you follow the following advice:

1- brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day

2- visit the dentist and hygienist regularly

3- cut down the frequency of sweet treats

4- have a sweet treat only at meal times

This idea was very popular among patients, children and adults alike and got a lot of interest from the local media

have a look at these articles

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Enjoy your Easter Holidays and make sure you follow our advice

have a look at this Website for more advice on nutrition for healthy teeth

treatment of gum disease

Unfortunately, gum disease is very common among the population. Most people are not aware of suffering from this condition.

We get many new patients coming from Nottingham, Derby and Leicester wanting to improve the appearance of their teeth. Sometimes, our new patients are not aware of having gum disease and we stress the importance of treating this prior to starting cosmetic treatment. Gums are the foundation to our teeth, so to have beautiful teeth, we need healthy gums.

Treatment of severe gum disease, ie periodontitis, involves the following stages:

– initial appointment with the hygienist to assess the extent of the gum disease and to give oral hygiene instructions for excellent home maintenance

– 2-3 more appointments for root planing, ie deep cleaning, which aims at removing bacteria and toxins on the roots of the teeth,

– we then leave the gums to heal for 3 months and we then reassess the situation

we always stress the importance of having regular professional cleans, but we also highlight to our patients that home maintenance is just as important.

everyone should see the hygienist on a regular basis

Maintenance of Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a fantastic way of replacing missing teeth. Success rates are high when carried out by an experienced surgeon, but to ensure that the long term success of dental implants stays high, it is imperative to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene.

We advise all our patients to regularly see the hygienist and to brush, floss their teeth and use moutwash. This same advice is given to our implant patients as well.

Once implant treatment has been completed, Kal and Rebecca will show our patients how to maintain their oral health and how to look after their implants. Implants need looking after just as much as natural teeth. We also advice patients to use Waterpik, a fantastic tool to clean under the implant crowns and bridges.


The Importance of Home Maintenance

At our practice, we focus a lot on gum health. This is because gums are the foundation of our teeth and therefore. Without healthy gums, there would be no beautiful straight teeth!


We therefore advise all our patients to see our fantastic Hygienist Rebecca Muir. She is gentle but yet very thorough. She is also great at educating our patients and teaching them how to maintain their gum health when at home and between hygienist visit.

At the Dental Suite in Loughborrough, we know that professional cleans are very important, but this would not be as effective without meticulous home maintenance.


Come and see our excellent hygienist for your gum treatment!